Join the New Hope Professional Team

You may be a good fit with New Hope if you:

Are a licensed mental health professional in the state of Iowa.

Desire to work as an independently contracted professional therapist with a team of other professional therapists.

Believe your faith and work aligns with New Hope's Statement of Faith and overall mission.

Believe your work is more than just a job, but you feel called to walk along side people as they deal with the struggles of this life.

What would be required of you?

  1. Therapist shall provide professional services in compliance with best practices as outlined by the ethics and laws governing mental health care by the U.S. Federal Government, State of Iowa and all applicable professional organizations including third party paying companies.
  2. Therapists will define and maintain their own session schedule.
  3. Therapist will be paid a percentage of the receipts from their individual practices.
  4. Therapists will have access to New Hope's office space, supplies and equipment. Telephone and internet services are provided as well as utilities.
  5. Therapists will have a part-time office manager available to help them with scheduling, phone calls, billing, insurance submissions, bookkeeping and general clerical support.
  6. A company professional liability insurance policy is in place for New Hope. However, each individual therapist is encouraged to have an personal policy as well.
  7. Therapists must be comfortable with the New Hope's Statement of Faith and commit to a private practice consistent with the foundation of New Hope's mission of reaching out to all of God's people just as Christ did – through love, compassion and grace.


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