Personal or Professional Life Coaching

Life Coaching (Professional or Personal) is a relatively new concept in the area of self-improvement and life enhancement. A Life Coach can help a person/family/group make smoother life transitions, define career/personal/family/couple goals, enhance individual professional/personal strengths, build a more positive life focus, etc.

The key to a successful life-coaching experience is finding a “coach” that is not only knowledgeable in life issues and/or transitions but also is qualified to address emotional-health issues if and when they enter the coaching dialogue. As is often the case, an individual’s health (emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual) has a direct impact on his/her personal and professional relationships and successes.

The differences between life coaching and counseling are often confused and many times overlap.  A highly trained professional counselor is able to distinguish between the situations or behaviors in life that require evidence-based psychological treatment approaches and those that will more effectively respond to coaching’s motivational or organizational guidance and support.

One of the most important differences between working with a licensed mental health profession and a life coach is in the area of confidentiality. The level of confidentiality offered in a client’s work with a licensed mental health professional is unparalleled and secured by law. It is defined as a “privileged” relationship and information shared in sessions with a therapist is protected by the laws governing health care and confidentiality. Coaching situations by definition emphasize personal growth, development and support in which privacy is not necessarily protected legally. 

Qualified mental health professionals recognize and understand that part of their duty is helping determine when a client might need or prefer a relationship with absolute confidentiality. Because of their licensure and credentialing, a therapist will provide you the necessary services and you will benefit from the comfort of knowing everything you discuss is confidential and protected by law.

New Hope’s staff are licensed and nationally certified to provide counseling as well as having corporate management, organizational and training experience of over 30 combined years. Our combination of knowledge and experience offers a complete, unique and well-balanced approach to the enhancement of life through the professional and personal life coaching experience.

If you find any of the following topics apply to your professional or personal life, you may want to consider life coaching as a possible way to assist you through a productive change process.

Coaching Specialty Areas

    • A disconnected or disjointed family life
    • A feeling of being overwhelmed or not knowing what to let go of in life
    • A frustration with family members, clients, colleagues, coworkers, etc.
    • A longing for healthy professional relationships
    • An inability to effectively manage time and/or resources
    • A longing for deeper/more meaningful personal relationships
    • An overall sense of being stuck in life or life situations
    • An overwhelming sense of the current demands of life becoming too much to handle (work, relationships, parenthood, extended family, etc.)
    • Career doubts
    • Communication Skill Enhancement
    • Deeper spiritual growth and experiences
    • Inability to effectively communicate thoughts or ideas
    • Indecisiveness or uncertainty in personal and/or professional life
    • Intimacy issues or concerns
    • Job/career burnout
    • Lack of confidence
    • Lack of motivation/direction (personally and/or professionally)
    • Life transitions issues
    • Management/Supervisory skill building
    • Not being considered for desired promotions
    • Recovering from failed relationships (personal and/or professional)

    Coaching Contracts

  • Coaching session times will be based on your needs and preference, which will be scheduled ahead of time.
  • During our first meeting, the fee structure, payment arrangements, contractual time structure and coaching goals will be discussed. This will be an opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about the coaching process.
  • Coaching sessions maybe scheduled for telephone sessions or via email after one or two sessions of face-to-face discussions.


Charges are based on an agreed upon individual contract basis as defined by your needs/wants/goals.