Family Counseling

  • Is parenting sometimes a challenge?
  • Do you and your spouse disagree about how to raise the children?
  • Is one or more of your children presenting trying behaviors?
  • Are you divorced or separated and finding that co-parenting with your previous spouse is not going smoothly?
  • Are your children reacting to the divorce or to the loss of a parent?
  • Are you a single parent and finding it difficult to do it all alone?
  • Are you trying to blend two families and finding that it is harder than you expected?
  • Are you struggling with the care of aging parents while tending to your responsibilities at home and/or work?
  • Are you and your siblings arguing over the affairs of your aging parents?

New Hope provides a forum for family counseling where everyone is invited to express their thoughts and feelings respectfully and safely. By striving to work with each family in a way that respects their family history, beliefs, values and culture; We strive to build the connections between all family members. While enhancing these connections, We simultaneously encourage age-appropriate responsibilities, healthy independence and respectful boundaries for each family member.

How does Family Counseling help?

  • You can learn how to recognize, build and respect healthy boundaries between parents, children and extended family members.
  • You can identify and clarify roles and responsibilities in the family.
  • You can learn what lies behind children’s difficult and challenging behavior.
  • You will learn what lies behind your most intense reactions to family members and their behaviors.
  • You can learn how to help your children both behave better and feel better without compromising other family members’ needs.
  • You can learn to evaluate and set family priorities.
  • You can start to enjoy time together and family life again.