Couples & Marriage Counseling

  • Do you wonder how and when you grew apart?
  • Has it become more and more difficult to talk with each other without the discussion turning into a major argument?
  • Do you feel that you are just “going through the motions” or existing as roommates?
  • Is there a lonely distance between you?
  • Does it seem that one partner putting much more into the relationship than the other?
  • Is one partner struggling with an addiction or addictive behavior?
  • Has one of you had an affair and you are not sure that you can or even want to get past this as a couple?
  • Do you wonder why you stay together when you are so unhappy?
  • Do you find yourself sometimes feeling as if you are living with a stranger?
  • How does your relationship/marriage fit into your faith?

Working to bring clarity and a sense of purpose to the feelings that enhance or hinder your lives together is what couples counseling is all about. We can help you explore the feelings that often lie behind the issues that stir repeated and/or frequent unresolved arguments.

We will help you develop an understanding about how each of you experience the relationship and how that may have an impact on the way you relate to each other. We will also work to define purpose and goals for the relationship as well as introduce you to tools that can help build communication, trust and security in the relationship.

As trust between you grows, the relationship can be nurtured on intellectual, spiritual, emotional and physical intimacy levels. You will learn how to grow in your coupleship.

How does Couples & Marriage Counseling help?

  • It can help you learn to express yourself in a way that will increase the likelihood that what you have to say will be “heard.”
  • You can learn to talk about the most important (and often most difficult) issues without getting bogged down in arguments and dead ends.
  • You will learn about ways in which to repair those moments in the relationship when you’ve said or done things that you wish you could take back.
  • It can help you understand one another in a deeper way so that you will feel safer, closer and more loving in your relationship with each other.
  • You can learn to communicate in a more healthy and respectful way – listening and speaking – it is a two-way street.
  • You will learn tools in helping with conflict resolution.
  • You can learn how to recapture and embrace the loving life that brought you together in the first place.