Statement of Faith

New Hope Personal Growth Center is not officially affiliated with any religious organization. Our staff respects the spirituality and beliefs of all our clients and potential clients. We are committed to meeting you where you are in your spiritual journey, with no judgment or criticism. We believe in the importance of total-personal health which includes: physical health, emotional health, intellectual health and spiritual health. With these beliefs in place, we will strive to serve you well.

As part of our professional relationship together, it is important that you have a clear understanding of our spirituality. Not because we wish to impose our beliefs on any person, but rather because they are core in what defines us as people in service to our neighbors and relationship to our Savior. Although fallible, we strive to live a life of compassion and respect for all of God’s creation as Christ taught us through His life, death and resurrection.

We are Christians believing in the life, work and teachings of Jesus Christ. We believe in the importance of a personal relationship with God and personally strive to grow in closeness to Him. We believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God and the study of His word is important in building a relationship with Him. We believe in the Triune God and that salvation is by grace through faith in Christ. We believe that Christ is our hope and our love for Him and from Him are the guiding focuses of our daily living.

Our work as therapists, coaches and consultants is not about us individually or our personal beliefs. As a result, we will not impose our faith on anyone. Rather, we do feel a calling to reach out to all of God’s people just as Christ did - through love, compassion and grace.