Welcome to the New Hope website.

You are probably visiting the New Hope website as you are looking for a resource to promote your personal or professional growth. We are licensed mental health professionals who specialize in individual, couples and family counseling as well as personal and professional coaching and consulting.

Our mission at New Hope is to help equip all individuals, couples and families with life-enhancing and relationship-enhancing tools that will empower clients with the skills needed to realize their dreams and ambitions. We believe each person is gifted with a unique set of gifts and talents. It is our commitment to partner with clients in the employment of counseling, coaching and/or consulting to help all grow (both personally and professionally) by recognizing who they are and what they are responsible for in their lives, families, organizations, communities and world.

Choosing a professional counselor/coach is an important decision and it is important that you are well-informed and comfortable with your choice. It is also important that the professional you choose is educated and experienced in the area of your need and whose theoretical and ethical philosophies are complimentary to your personality and goals.

I invite you to explore this website and learn more about the services offered at New Hope. As you seek assistance, it is important that you are always well informed and an active participant in your journey. At any time, New Hope’s staff welcomes questions about the process and our work together. We believe you are capable of the changes and growth needed to achieve a life of fulfillment, happiness and promise.

-Jackie Joens